Sunday, January 10, 2016


Meet Mother Pigeon
I met her in Union Square Park feeding pigeons
 Who she is and why she does what she does

Union Square Farm Market
I bought apples and chatted with farmers about produce, the state of the world, kids, bees, human health and such.
 That's what I did after my visit to the
Dermatology Clinic
 All my spots were checked out and assessed as simple 'seboreic' (raised) or 'macular' (flat) keratoses (very common harmless, usually pigmented, noncancerous growth on the skin. It usually appears as a pale, black or brown growth on the back, shoulders chest or face, but can appear anywhere on the skin)
nothing to worry about at all.

Sunday Pie Project
(sleety rainy day comfort food)
 Peel, Cut, Saute, Combine
 plus salt, pepper, turmeric, thyme
I'm using a store bought crust which I will brush with coconut oil, and there will be shredded sharp cheese within as well.

Besides Zen and other meditations,
I've been just doodling around at home

transcribing, writing, revising and preparing several poems and short fiction pieces for print, some of which will be included in another blog post soon for anyone interested.
Spinach in Broth and Vegetable Pie
"Downton Abbey"


Nancy said...

Sounds like a full (rich) day...and productive. So glad all went well with the mole patrol. I have those on my arms :)

Velma Bolyard said...

yes. and the skin stuff as we age is so weird...