Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Headed down town under the Williamsburg Bridge
passed this glorious trumpet vine growing on chain link
 Then  through the passage behind PS 134
where I admired this heartfelt mural
 To Betances Family Health Care Clinic
Where I've been going for decades, and where my primary care Doctor is.  I've got a new health issue to deal with suddenly, which I'm hoping is easily resolvable and not the worst scenario.  My digestive system has been on the fritz about two months intermittently so my primary care doctor has referred me to a gastro-enterologist for consultation, July 20th was the first available appointment.  Afterward there will be a colonoscopy scheduled, and then I will know just what I'm facing.  Meanwhile, I'm determined not to be caught up in the worry syndrome.  The first thing I did when I made the appointment was to cook.  It comforts me, is about nurturing, and makes the apartment smell friendly.  I made five or six different dishes, packed them away,  and now I'm enjoying PBS "Wild Flyers" - "How do animals take to the air in the first place? Each of the incredible creatures we’ll meet has its own special techniques. But they must all overcome one of the planet’s most powerful and universal forces – gravity."
Aired: 6/29/2016 | 0:00:30 | Expires: 6/9/2017
I just wanted to reach out to this little community tonight.
Thanks for being there.
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grace Forrest~Maestas said...

am here Michelle. I am here.

what to say? I don't do doctors, knock on wood, and really, i reach
over as i wrote that and knocked on the shelf that holds the Altar.

what to say?

What TO SAY?

i want you to be WELL and SAFE and HAPPY and LIVING WITH EASE
don't want this stuff of difficulty. So, i send LOVE and well being
and i wait till you tell me things...oh, so much Love to YOU

Mo Crow said...

white light

Nancy said...

My heart holds you my friend, Michelle in NYC. Please do keep us posted.