Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Looking back to Massachusetts 
on a Wednesday in Manhattan

Some of the Skies

Where I Slept
A scarf filters the hot noon sun.
There's a wonderful wall of  family Memories.
Blue jays nest in the tree and birdsong wakes me.
The pool prompts me to get outside.

Fathers Day
Nephew Jason and Uncle Dick are swimming...
...while Mother Rachel serves outrageously rich desert:
Happy Birthday Richard and Solstice Celebration all.
Jason anticipates sweet delight...
...while we all prepare our taste buds:

Beautiful Nina,
and genial Cousin Roger...
...plus Daddy Tim and Aunt Jenny.
(no photo too busy enjoying)

After the feast, under the Umbrella...
...a most contented me.

(Where Critters stay Cool and Calm)
Sissy, Rhodo, Betsy and Mona huddle in a pile...

while Bruno the Wonder Dog guards his toy.

Summer Solstice
This 'longest day' goes on forever.
Time for Tiger Lilies...
...Bee Balm,
 ...and Catalpa blooms arrives.
Fireflies dance at dusk.
(no photo 'cause my camera can't capture it)

Laundry Is Universal
 changing patterns...
 and sometimes...
a message.

Plants Day 
A quick trip to Pignatare Farm for basil, pots and petunias
Then planting...
Cleaning, debugging,
and hanging.

(see LINKS for details)
Historic House Sit-In led by John Lewis
 The Brexit Vote
 Mainly we watched a few very fine films like
"As Good as It Gets" and "Being There".

Farewell Again
A week of serious country lay-abouting, firefly dusks, full moon nights, beautiful skies, constant birdsong, a lot of good food, and mostly no stress at all with three very, very good friends...
...made my Manhattan return seem like falling on to a speedway mid-race.  I caught the end of the gay parade (which I was sorry to have missed) from a slowly crawling cross town bus...
...and took note of a too familiar sad scene--a homeless woman who might even have lived in this vacated building once--and above her a pigeon who might have had a friend feeding it daily on that very ledge.

Three Images


Pignatare Farm


The Sit In-John Lewis

"Being There"

"As Good as It Gets"


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Mo Crow said...

love seeing photos of your country sojourn and thanks for the heads up for the old Jack Nicholson film (loved "Being There")