Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Mourning Dove
After Monday's Sudden Storm
TUESDAY at 2:30 PM
Here's a kind of amusing story, and then a sad but inspiring one from yesterday.
During my search for someone to pick me up from my appointment (they won't perform the procedure unless someone is there to escort you home and out of the doctors insurance liability zone), I phoned an old friend who has a lot of personal experience with health issues, doctors and hospitals. She couldn't pick me up, but proceeded to tell me what she knew about the procedure, then asked who my doctor was.  When I told her, she launched into all the reasons she was no longer using him, though having used him satisfactorily for many years.  I was about 8 hours into a liquid fast and the nasty preparation for the procedure which is a bit daunting.  I was tired and unstable but she went on about her new doctor. I reminded her I was committed to my appointment, had reliable recommendations that had led me to him, changed the subject and thanked her.  Meanwhile, one of my wonderful writing group friends offered to help, though she lives some distance away, has plenty of mobility problems herself and was packing to leave for a trip. I thanked her but looked a little further and found my dear Yogi buddy, Joanne, who immediately said yes. even though she is working (nearby the doctors office) and had just come off a horrendously painful, exhausting month with her mother--running back and forth from hospital to hospice and, sadly, in the end to an overnight flight with her sisters and the burial in Florida.  She is truly amazing, and one of the finest beings I know.
Leaving Home
With my Paperwork
 Walking West to Fifth Avenue
 Looking Up to the Bright Blue
 Prep Room
 After the Colonoscopy with Joanne
(still woozy I forgot to smile)
 The upshot: "You have the colon of a forty four year old."  There was a tissue sample taken and blood for a another diagnostic, and the lab results will be available in a week.  What I loved was the La-La sleep, great anesthesiologist, lovely office folk , and the very fine Doctor.  All's well.  Thank you to every kind soul who inquired, emailed and phoned. Nervous is my default position.
You reassured and comforted me.