Monday, July 18, 2016


Walked from Second Avenue Down 6th Street to Avenue B slow as a turtle, spent an hour in the B Garden, then back uptown on Avenue B to 14th Street and West to 1st Avenue where I took the bus to 20th Street.
A pocket garden on 6th Street
Cherry Tavern
Building that speaks for itself.
How do I know an elder lives here.

 Sundays Event
Also known as the 6th Street garden at Avenue B
Future Event
July 23rd 7-9PM

Garden walkway with black cat walking away.
Intoxicating lilies.
Wind sock.
Prayer flags in a slight breeze
Memorial fountain
Need I say, Rose?
A lily as tall as me.
Out of focus and very yellow
The Garden Rooster
Tiny old sculpture
Dear friend of many years, Mindy Levokove  on Stage wrapping cable.

Avenue B at 11th Street Architecture preserved
14th Street headed West
Been to many poetry events in the back room of this friendly dive


Mo Crow said...

the perfume of Stargazer lilies is the sexiest scent on the planet!

Dee Mallon said...

I love that 'black lives matter' building... amazing