Sunday, July 10, 2016


Walking downtown along Third Avenue
Here's a locked door
What used to be a flower shop is a movement studio
Here a homeless man pauses to watch free videos and to listen to I Tunes at one of the many Kiosks Google has set up around Manhattan.  A most interesting article by Nick Pinto of the Village Voice titled "Google Mines Manhattan" talks about them in detail.
(see LINK below)
Turning into 15th street a fashionable residence posts both a 'Private Property' and a 'Bernie 2016' sign, displaying the confused irony of current political thought
At the Park Avenue crossing to Union Square
Lionel Smit's monumental sculpture "Morphous"
looks in two directions
(see LINK below)
In the park, sparrows find bugs in a fallen branch
Here they are ground gleaning
Here a clutch of pigeons catching crumbs
This copper tipped one caught my special attention
At the market I got some lovely green squashes from the end of the day $1 a bag sale, but my beloved organic bee keepers had already gone for the day so I will have to do without the "Elixer", a paste made of Pollen and honey which I love to have a half teaspoon of daily, until next week.  But on the way home I found two bunches of flowers discarded in the trash in their original wrappings:

One of pink Campanulas
so pretty
the other of Hypericum buds
The air was damp and cool with occasional wind


jude said...

lovely day

Nancy said...

I love when you take us along as you journey through your city!

Mo Crow said...

must read Brave New World again...

Peggy said...

LOVE these encounters, Michelle....the Elixir sounds magical, full of woman power.

Ms. said...

Mo---“...reality, however utopian, is something from which people feel the need of taking pretty frequent holidays....” ― Aldous Huxley, Brave New World-