Saturday, July 9, 2016


What'cha been doing?
Not much.
Where did you do it?
Here and there.
Every day.

Barbecue across the street at the 13th precinct wafts through my open window.  So many police are on duty, and their families have come in to see the fireworks, so the food cooks all day and into the evening.
On East 23rd Street an enterprising neighbor had set up his shop at 4PM in hopes of catching the crowds that will pass by from 7PM onward.  The cross streets between first Avenue and the river are already blocked from 42nd Street to the Battery.
I had a simple supper at home and
boarded the crosstown bus heading West.
Rain began just as we reached the Hudson.
I stayed for the round trip chatting with folks and returned home to watch the spectacle on my tiny television where I had a good view of all the entertainments.  I must say I was a bit aghast to hear my favorite shaker hymn presented with complicated arrangements, pomp and flashing lights.
"Simple Gifts"
presented simply
It rained all night long.

Telephone troubles

I had to call Verizon customer service and beg for some accommodation (not that I expect to get it)...I had a phone phone message from a friend in Canada, and returned the call..we talked for over an hour about serious things and, though she had offered to phone me back since she has a good cheap plan, I demurred, saying I had been paying for the 5-cent long distance plan here for decades.  Verizon phoned to get my confirmation on that call. and to inform me the bill would be $72.80 since my 5-cent plan does not cover Canada!  Yikes!  I never knew that since I've never phoned Canada.  When I finally got through, hours of digital communication alternating with dead air, hang ups and redial, a woman named "Angel" (what a coincidence) said they would 'forgive' fifty dollars of the fee but I won't see it till August due to their billing being off kilter of my month to month reality.  It was a good thing.  I'm glad I called.


Punjabi speakers in the back yard, a troop of hard working Indians are continuing the reconstruction out there and I stopped to say hello. Theirs is one of the oldest languages, related to Sanskrit.
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The New York Post
Displaying the cheap humor of our snarkiest rag.

I got an automated message from Con Edison via phone stating that the temperature will exceed 100 for a few days and if there is any interruption in service I should call the number they gave me or 911 if I have medical issues! They seem to expect service outages I guess....I'm hoping not of course. My A/C is set at 77 Energy Saver and it's okay in here. for the time being. I unplug everything but the TV and radio when I go out an keep the curtains closed...but I've passed stores that keep their doors open letting A/C out into the streets and I know many folks in this City are not energy efficient. It will be what it will be. Meanwhile, my land line will work but not my answer machine-I have an old phone I just plug into the jack, and my portable radio will work too. I've got batteries, also candles and a store of water. The fridge will stay cool for at least 24 hours, and I suppose I can manage if an outage doesn't persist for too many days.

Little Zen Garden outside the Zendo
After a lovely sitting

Stopped in to ask how much installation of extra Rams would be. They are closing forever on July 15th due to exorbitant rent increase. Sad loss for the neighborhood.
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At a reading of the Masters with Joan Suval
“To deal with things knowledge of things is needed. To deal with people, you need insight, sympathy. To deal with yourself, you need nothing. Be what you are--conscious being--and don't stray away from yourself.”
-Nisargadatta Maharaj-

Bus Stop
Thoughts for Grace of Windthread-the action figures decorating a tree in her yard, her house-full of family.
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 Hot, hot, hot, but cool enough inside.

Trader Joe at 3PM was nearly empty!
14th street bus stop at 4PM

I've spent today in a kind of mourning. The events of yesterday, coupled with the accumulated events of violence in our country and the world, and exacerbated by some physical distress, just knocked me into a stupor. Sleep helped, then it rained and I went for a walk around the neighborhood. At a stop light a very angry black man I happened to glance up at smiling as he crossed my path, spit saying "F--k you bitch." and marched on. Breathe.  Keep walking.
The rain felt good. There was a wind. I stopped at the thirteenth precinct across the street to express my sorrow to one of the policeman guarding the door. He was sweet. Now I'm looking at the family shelf above my computer. My father died in his sleep the day before his 51st birthday. There were, as I recall, many letters from both his fellows on the force and ordinary citizens who had been helped by him. I believe he was a good man. It was a long time ago and certainly too personal to share, but I find myself thinking of him today....forgive the blurry shot taken in haste.

 Welcome to Saturday





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like Neil Yong sang to us all those years ago "don't let it bring you down, it's only castles burning..."