Monday, August 22, 2016


Ever since the fatal accident with my beloved old Canon--detailed at this blog post:
I've received two cameras from my dear writing group friend, Barbara
 The Pentax is complex and has a 150 page tiny print challenging manual which I have been unable so far to make much headway on
 Any way, I took it out and shot a few things at random just to be sure it works. The header is one of the shots. Really fine resolution on the two sky shots
 Digging on the corner of my block to prepare pipes for a new building soon to take over the sky over there
 Then I shot mint on my window sill turning the camera, but was unable to turn the photo in the camera before download as I had so easily done on my old Canon.
Another problem on the download surfaced.  The photos don't go into date files automatically as they had with my Canon, and some sort of computer code is going to be needed to remedy that.  Hopefully another friend will have an hour to help with that this week.  I have no idea how to set up functions on my computer and remain a complete novice in that way.

The Casio is missing a computer to camera cable and disk so i can't test it (friend still looking for those items)
Each camera and model has it's own specific attachments and of course they are not necessarily universal or interchangeable.  Both of the above have their own lithium rechargeable batteries and no others will do.  It's daunting.  While researching I got confused beyond confusion and started mixing them up like an old dog with new tricks

Next, a blogger named Laura who reads my blog and is a regular with Jude Hill emailed with an offer out of the blue: "...have a spare digital camera that I would be very glad to send to you. It is a Fujifilm FinePix J20. It has a USB cable."  The gesture alone sent me into spasms of surprise and gratitude but I've asked her to hold off till I get clear about the cameras I already have and she is simply a lovely person

Then the fabulous 'Queen of Color', Deb Lacativa made this offer via face book messaging:  "I have a spare...A Canon A650. It was given to me when my A95 got sick. It's a bit heavy (uses batteries) long battery life if you are flash happy indoors. Amazing pictures all around and Canon operations are all pretty much alike. Its yours if you want it."

Confused and Grateful
(One more gorgeous memory from my old Canon)
 Decision Update
I will definitely be receiving the Canon from Deb soon and we shall see if it does the trick.


Mo Crow said...

how good is all that!

jude said...

it' all good, this.