Sunday, August 28, 2016


(Part One)
Thursday August 25th
Thanks to the Creative Center, the same organization that hosts my regular writing group, I had a free pass for five to the Museum of Modern Art at 11 West 53rd street.
Don Carlos, Our hard working Superintendent, loves his "tree" because it reminds him of his home in the Dominican Republic
Pam and Ron, good friends and neighbors for decades, met me
mid-afternoon on East 21st street
...then we took an uptown and crosstown bus to arrive at the museum by 4 o'clock
 ...where a third friend, Michael, met us (photo of him later at the concert). Laurie had phoned at the last minute to say she would meet us later. Once there we split up so each could wander wherever fancy led.
 I started in the Education building children's exhibit.  Video of kids marching in front of the museum with signs and playful constructions they had made
 Inflatable Mouse complete with human appendages
 A colorful kid construction piece
 Moving back to the museum proper, encountered a view looking down on the Sculpture Garden.
Now I don't recall which of the six floors I visited next.  I saw something from each one and spent a lot of time in some exhibits but two hours passes surprisingly swiftly.
So much to see:

(to be continued)

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Mo Crow said...

the best gallery I have had the pleasure to visit back in the early 70's, spent many happy hours with Vincent's Starry Night & Monet's Water Lilies and the Rothko's!