Sunday, August 28, 2016


(Part Two)
Thursday August 25th
"Perth Amboy"
Named after a town in New Jersey where an apparition of the Virgin Mary was said to have appeared on the window of a two-story house, Rachel Harrison’s room-sized work Perth Amboy exemplifies a cross-disciplinary approach to making art.
 The work comprises twenty one photographs, individual sculptural assemblages, and an open-ended labyrinth made from cardboard.
 It takes as its subject the basic acts of looking and seeing, which are central to any experience of visual art.
 I did not see the apparition, but
 ...that wasn't the point.

 Dadaglobe Reconstructed reunites over 100 works created for Dadaglobe, Tristan Tzara’s planned but unrealized magnum opus, originally slated for publication in 1921. An ambitious anthology that aimed to document Dada’s international activities, Dadaglobe was not merely a vehicle for existing works, but served as a catalyst for the production of new ones. Tzara invited some 50 artists from 10 countries to submit artworks in four categories: photographic self-portraits, photographs of artworks, original drawings, and layouts for book pages. The exhibition brings together these photographs, drawings, photomontages, and collages, along with a selection of related archival material, to reconstruct this volume. Though never published, due to financial and organizational difficulties, Tzara’s project addresses concerns about art’s reproducibility that continue to be relevant today. Needless to say I will return because I only scratched the surface of this massive show.

Invitations and Itineraries from 
Swiss artist Sophie Taeuber-Arp was a leading figure in Z├╝rich and Paris Dada. Taeuber-Arp pushed the limits of abstraction in paintings, sculpture, and textiles. She also danced and designed sets for Dada performances.

Traversing Floors
(To be Continued)

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