Monday, September 12, 2016


From a week away with great good friends in Massachusetts...
sans internet was a too the rain...though not enough to replenish the fallen water tables...
(a spider's spin to catch dew)
 but there were cats demonstrating relaxation...
and the art of sleeping with one eye slightly open.
 Who could ask for more?
 Oh, the trees, the blessed trees, and the sleep and awake time, and the wind, even the heat of a few afternoons.
(view from the Gazebo)
First Disappointment
I neglected to take the battery charger for the Pentax camera so had to stop on the third day taking shots.
Just enjoyed the view, read...
and wrote a bit ...
delighted in the indoor memento toy shelf...
and many September hot-tubs...
 accompanied by this gorgeous sprawling geranium.
 Back to the outdoor beauties:
 Exquisite color
 Exquisite form
 What a stunner!
 The long standing Wisteria Vine fell when the hollow tree collapsed behind the gazebo.  It will be given a new post to grow upon as soon as the debris is cleared.
 Last Disappointment
I left my beloved rainbow string bag in the magazine compartment of the seat on the Amtrak train as we arrived in NY while helping an older Vermont couple to navigate out of the bowels of Penn Station to the street to meet their family...then realized my loss.  After reporting to NY Customer service in person, and the helpful Mr. Joseph alerting Newark (the next stop) and then reporting by phone and in detail to the Washington DC customer service end of the line who said that I could phone back in the morning to see if the cleaners found it. I am hoping for one of those human miracles of return.  Several critical pieces of ID, $26 and a bunch of bus change, and (worst) my eyeglasses were within.  So if it doesn't return the rest of this week will be reporting and applying for replacement cards.  My keys, bank card and NY City ID were elsewhere and I've got xerox copies of the missing cards so it will only be tedious and a lesson in attentiveness.  But Mr. Joseph said he was pretty sure it would return and I choose to believe that.
 Other than those inconveniences, It was a lovely getaway, and though I seem not to be smiling in this mirror selfie, I'm smiling deep within.

having made my first call to Washington...No one but a machine asking me for name and details is available at 7AM, so I did that and now I'll try to sleep.  I was more upset than I realized...tossed and turned. 


I have reported to Amtrak police and received sympathy and an incident report number from Officer Proudman (that's his name...perfect for a police officer).  I can refer to it when reporting to the various Identity entities since the actual hard copy can take many weeks.  I'm holding off on reporting till the end of today and maybe until tomorrow morning.

Light Virtual Candles Dear Friends

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Mo Crow said...

x fingers your bag is found very soon!