Monday, September 12, 2016


Shot this on the way to writing group earlier out the window of the bus on 2nd Avenue near Houston street,
a sign perhaps of things to come...

That human miracle was just delivered at 10:30 tonight via a phone call from one 'Angel' Caleb O'Connor calling from St. Albans Vermont where he cleans trains...He FOUND the purse with IDs, Cash and Eyeglasses in tact!  Proof once again that there are good people in the world.  He will drop it off at the local Vermont UPS in the morning and I can call them tomorrow to arrange the mailing + another 'Angel' friend on hearing the good news loaned their credit card for me to cover mailing cost - more goodness.  I'd given up when the phone rang.
I'll sleep with the angels tonight.

Thank You Goodness.

For anyone  who wishes to write to the finder:
Caleb O'Connor
2712  Kellogg Road
Swanton, Vermont


jude said...

oh great. miracles abound. did you get his address, i would love to send him a note.

Deb said... too.