Saturday, December 10, 2016


Fancy 'Santacon' Couple
 Two become Four
 An ordinary Santa

Walking Away - Dove in Foreground
 Hungry  Young Flock
Beautiful mixed Youngster
Close Up
Cautious with Reason

The Day is Gray-I'm Home avoiding Santas, Listening to Audio Books-Transcribing Zen Talks and some of my own Stories, Resting

A drinking Marathon

Columba livia


MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Michele. Enjoyed your cheery "santa" photos and I see you've got the holiday spirit. I'm really beginning to like pigeons a lot as gray has become one of my favorite colors. Listening to Stephane Grappelli right now and thinking of you! best, nadia

Marti said...

Had to go to Home Depot today. Hubby needed a tool to help transplant a grape cutting so I checked out the many Christmas trees for sale. Rounded a corner and there was an employee dressed as "Santa" helping trim bought trees. ACK! but I noticed that he was tossing trimmed branches into a huge container marked "Free." We live in a very small house and I've never had a big tree here so I grabbed an armful of these branches, just like last year, brought the sad little misshapen discards home and created a lovely Winter Solstice tree, shiny with an old string of lights, 45 yr old paper snowflakes, home grown dried red chiles because we live in New Mexico,a few red tiny baubles and dried orange slices to remind me of the sun and the coming Winter Solstice. This is all by way of telling you Michelle that I love your little tree; it has such a strong spirit of Celtic yule. Blessings of the coming light of Winter Solstice to you as you enjoy an away time with your dear friends.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

the mixed and the standard.

the santa boys.

and then, the window sill...scrolling down, how welcoming the window sill is, its quiet observance of both you and the life Outside

i take in a deep breath and exhale. This is GOOD. Very GOOD.

Nancy said...

That "mixed" bird is so lovely. Home is good. I like that your sill & view are now so familiar to me :)