Thursday, December 8, 2016


My Little Tree

The Creative Center
Eldridge Street Lights the Way

Dear Massachusetts Friends
Where I will be from the 19th to 28th
Beautiful Snows of Yesteryear

At the Zendo
A Memorial Service was held for the one year anniversary of the death of a beloved Community member's Son

The Village Church
Celebrated Completion of the Narthex Project painted by Jamie Jones
Panel detail

 The Altar


The First Snow May be Friday Night
from Frederico Fellini's "Amorcord" with Erik Satie's 'Gnossienne'


Mo Crow said...

love your tiny tree!

yvette said...

o yes the tiny tree !

love you

Ms. said...

Hey Yvette and Mo
Many advantages to this tiny tree--Free (found on the street(., no cleanup and emotionally surprisingly satisfying

jude said...

oh, you are going away!

jude said...

and you've inspired me with your tiny tree.