Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Part due to the incredible world-wide turn out for the March on the 21st and so many young folk mingled with the elders--the circle unbroken continues--plus something more--the reignited memory of all those other marches and actions going back to the seventies fills me with absolute delight. Then there's the ongoing celebration of my birthday--cards and gifts arriving still--being treated to dinner out Saturday with one old friend and lunch today with another old friend. That too delights me.
As for the future, I know there's grueling work ahead, that I'm not as strong as I used to be, that the obstacles are formidable, but I feel energized in some deep, essential way despite the continuing horror show of this new administration shredding every gain we've made, tossing out all the babies with the bathwater, despite the unsolved issues that divide us. I feel I'm part of a HUGE family out there in the world. It's put a spring in my step, and I have to monitor an impulse to break into song for no particular reason in the most inappropriate places.

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Mo Crow said...

the women's marches all around the world give me great hope that we can feel the cry for love of our beautiful broken world & subvert the dominant paradigm of greed to mending our ways