Friday, January 27, 2017


Visible Order
Sanskrit ṛtá
In Vedic religion, "the lawful and regular order of the normal, and therefore proper, natural and true structure of cosmic, worldly, human and ritual events."

Sky Watching

Zen Practice
The Blade
I am participating in a ninety day 'Commit to Sit' practice again this year.  Every day a teaching is sent from the Zendo to each of us.
"My Dharma must be transmitted from mind to mind. You must make people awaken to themselves.  From ancient times the transmission of the Dharma has been as tenuous as a dangling thread."

Personal Maintenance
New Store
"Began in Amsterdam in 2000 as a single store.  Sixteen years later there are four hundred stores located mostly in Europe by Raymond Cloosterman, Founder and CEO
These excellent essences and products are out of my price range but it's nice to stop by and inhale when I'm near there.
I use natural essences from more affordable and often direct sources, like lemons soaked in almond oil, or sea salt in a tub of warm water with lavender added.
I also hand wash clothes daily in buckets in the tub and hang them above to air dry, another kind of ritual.

I never leave the apartment without my earrings, hat, and scarf.  Without them I feel unready.  It's my ritual preparation for being in the world. When I am heading to the zendo I include the bracelet that one of the monks made and gave me.
Leaving home
 Arriving home

To and from friends, via email, blogs, Face book and hand written cards as well as gift exchanges via the United States Post office.  There's listening or reading, thought and responding involved.  In the end, nothing but friendship really matters.  Communicating is a kind of ritual observance honoring the value of friendship.  Recently this wonderful book arrived from Wendy Golden Levitt.
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Sigurd Olson 
"The Singing Wilderness"
The Film on Vimeo 

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