Saturday, February 18, 2017


This world map is what I see first and it actually looks like this from the next room in half light from a curtained window--it's just a folded National Geographic map, unfolded and tacked up on the bookcase there with the light bouncing off creases distorting it beautifully. 
 However, this is a more accurate map 
The Authagraphic map of 2016

A few days without news has been therapeutic:

I transcribed and edited one flash fiction, completed and posted "Red Week" at the blog after adding a music Video (see Link below), Left some Valentine posts at Face book, began another short story, edited a poem, rested, had a new neighborly encounter (story to come), re-read Adrienne Rich "Poems Selected and  New 1950-1974", meditated, answered emails, posted letters, listened to music and the last three discs of "Boys in the Trees" by Carly Simon, finished knotting a three string necklace which now I only have to get the Venetian glass bead drilled for a clasp, and shot some photographs of the rescued cactus that suddenly began to grow fingers right after the January election.

Manhattan is cool and pale today.

According to the Tibetan calendar this date is auspicious for a haircut. i didn't get one but did go to the Zendo for two hours and slow walked back East after.

See the green draining away?
Winter's begun it's turn today.
There will be desperate visitations,
recapitulations and one more fierce snow show,
but every Northern body will know
It's only Spring arriving slow.

All the long day I wandered aimlessly,
unfocused until...
Thursday kindly...disappeared.

In an effort to understand current events,
I found myself following the money trail...
 Oh Damn, Oh drat. Oh, weep and wail.
You get what's been paid for on the Money trail.

Afternoon Walking Therapy
Another long term neighbor gone. Carlos and Mr. Sjoburg were once our Superintendents here.  When they were removed by the new landlord, they continued at their apartment where they raised two wonderful daughters, paying rent. We were friendly. Recently Carlos had been very ill and then they were gone, probably to New Jersey to be with one of their daughters we speculate.

Pigeons and bus stop Signage encouraging gambling
East 23rd Street off Third Avenue.

Public art on a building at Lexington and 24th Street

The Historic Armory at 25th Street on Lexington Avenue
just some of the many battles commemorated...
 The Sixty Ninth Regiment Armory was completed in 1906. The building is still used to house the headquarters of the New York Army National Guard's 1st Battalion, 69th Infantry Regiment known as the "Fightin' Irish".  It has many other uses as performance space and event rental.
(see link)

 160 Lexington Avenue at 30th Street now houses the high end retail Dover Street Market but with a rich history as a Women's Art School.
(see link)
Then doubled back to home.

Before I read my morning emails, the news or weather, this beauty from February's page of my Florida Wildlife Calendar...and the patch of light almost overwhelming the bark because there was a light source above illuminating it when I took the picture.  I allow myself to Imagine it might be a message from the sun.


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

i like your days. Feel very much at home in them.

yvette said...

enjoyed walking besiide you

jude said...

I miss the pigeons of NYC.

Deb G said...

It's good to see you going... And hooray, blogger let me back in!