Monday, March 27, 2017


Friday Night
There is not much so curative
as a visit from a compatible friend.
Easy conversations, 'food' swapping:
my wheat for his lemonade,
His wittiness for my laughter, my variety of concoctions
for his willingness to make use of them.  
Lots of classical music, talk of the classics, and truths;
we read Barbara's poem "Three Laments".
Teas: two 'sleepytime' + two 'breathe easy',
sweetened by Stevia and steeped.
Sharing 'the unbearable lightness of being'
without ever calling it that.
We watched 
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Made these Berry wine cordials by soaking wine with berries and spice for months, drained and bottled it for gifts today. I can not drink alcohol.
"Twisted Rainbow"
My chronic condition was super bad today and no comfort for the left leg either so I took a walk with my cane.  Totally unstable and no ability to stand still in drizzley rain but I like the shot anyhow.

So it goes

Aside from short sleeps, my Rx for CC, and a hot compress for the leg, music, a bit of broth and toast, nothing much. The old lady is still sick; so much so, I fear to alienate friends who call to say 'How are you', being tempted to say 'fine' . Of course I ask how they are and perhaps I'm told.  I'm not even up for company if any were available. One fairly close by friend has offered.  I don't want to chat on the phone. Everything takes twice as much energy as one thinks it might. Careful, 'You are quite grumpy' my inner therapist says. This is my fifteenth or so wake up from the aching let to heat the compress again and down another glass of "CALM".  I meant to post this at 10PM yesterday but it's already Monday morning. I 'want' to think this too will pass, and since everything does it will, but I don't believe it will be a return to well woman old age.  'It's the illness talking' my therapist says, 'don't listen'.  The rash has just flared up again all over my face too. Poor me.  Such darkness! I'm going to mine some old photos for light:

3.26 2010
beautiful blue sky in the old Dharma Mittra yoga studio
 3.26 2011
found feathers, wooden carved chickadee and cardinal with the stone owl in the alcove by the alley window
in Westfield Massachusetts with dear old friends Jenny and Richard
3.26 2013
Cloth Work
 with light on my work table when I was still sewing
Ceramic dove
that holds my mailbox key, backed by Jude Hills gift of a stitch sampler when she was leading 'The Magic Feather project.
Stone Buddha
Given to me by Jude's brother, Nemo, and holding a $100 bill to remind me of the transitory nature of things, backed by a street found seascape I eventually gave to my Superintendent because he said it reminded him of his home in the Dominican Republic.
This Happy Song,
the words of which are all true, and which I also posted at face book.


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Such treasures you have shared. We find the light where we can, yes?