Tuesday, March 28, 2017


It's been a daunting month so far on every front; political and personal. Both just seemed to get worse and worse. We all get the political from many sources so I'll just concentrate on the personal.

(photographs of cloth tossing in a dryer)
Aside from the resurgence of my chronic auto-immune syndrome digestive condition under the care of a doctor who just changed my medication for the third time in hopes this one will work, and the appearance of the hideous face rash that is now healing,
 the hardest part has been being immobilized by leg pain that might be pulled tendons, and also may involve circulation.  I have actually been unable to walk without pain.
 Got around the apartment as needed with a cane, and yesterday I took a very, very, very slow walk around eight blocks just to get the muscles going so they don't atrophy. Further? Not for a while until we figure out what's wrong.  Will be asking for a referral after my full physical and blood screen with my GP Friday where we will be looking for bacterial or some other invasive entity. I've saved money for taxis because she is way down on Henry Street and I can't face the bus in this unstable condition. Meanwhile my angel yogi friend is food shopping for me tomorrow morning, and many dear friends have called. 
I'm surprised I'm not depressed. Exhausted? Yes.  Uncomfortable? Yes, and looking forward to the day when it's just a nasty history note in my memoir (Ha!)


Nancy said...

Oh my dear Michelle, I do so wish I lived nearby and could be of some help to you. Please, if there is anything I can do from afar, let me know. I will hold you in my thoughts for your Friday appointment.

Marti said...

Walking about, even when your body feels like it wants to curl up and stay put...through it all, you hold courage in your ability to withstand, and humor, when it comes, and in sharing all of this Michelle, you inspire us all.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

i think of you all the time as i go about...
you are truly in my Heart.

am so happy someone is shopping for you. was thinking about that yesterday.

Love and Love and keep on keeping us posted..more Love

Mo Crow said...


Judy Martin said...

Thank you for posting a bit of news for those of us who care about you.
It is so hard.
Really hard.
I really identify with the leg pain. It's so hard to walk when your legs are in pain - it's so much nicer to stay in bed.

I also hate sitting in chair because then I have to get up from chair - and that is also hard. Is it for you as well?

I looked up the colitis that you have been struggling with. Dear Michelle.
sending good thoughts for the Friday appointment.
Please keep letting us know how you are doing. xo

radio flier said...

Your courage amazes me - I'm a wimp with muscle pain and the last thing I want to do is work the muscles - but that's what they say you have to do