Saturday, April 8, 2017


My bathroom line has no heat pipe and since I have the old version, it also has no outlet to plug a heater in. It's always been colder than any other room, but since the apartment that backs it is being rehabilitated and has no windows at all yet, it's damn cold.  i can usually warm it a little by running a hot tub.  Still, I've decided to track the temperature in there and maybe write a letter. That was the plan but it doesn't work so I'll return it and see what else they have to offer for the purpose.

Every Friday they put out a box of free offerings. I got these two items thinking of my friend and fellow music lover, Barbara H.

My yogi friend arrived bearing shopping items I needed from Trader Joe, and sat for a nice long chat too.
 Then left me with a comforting hug and these oranges.

A local Tree well ready for Spring
Uptown by bus to the Three Decker to meet with my friend Michael. We commiserated, exchanged gifts and cheered each other on.
Home again to 22nd Street
In the mail a package of Cards from Hazel
Each a photo of her Cloth work


Peggy said...

The hot tub idea is a good one and your plan to document the temperatures is also a good one. You are rich in friends, Michelle, I hope you are well. xoxo

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

the background of Friend with Tea, i can see one small corner of
your world....
you write now and then about having a lot of Stuff....
this SHOWS me a glimpse i think, of what you are speaking of....
EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, Michelle!!!!! .... a LOT of Stuff.

am sorting this morning and i see this and realize how little Stuff i
DO have....

to Your HEALTH!