Monday, April 10, 2017


In the sunlight, round Gramercy park, down Irving Place, across 17th Street to union Square, visited Gandhi, then purchased another file box at Staples, headed East on 14th Street and stopped to photograph George before continuing back home.
Tea and a Movie
"Waiting for the Light"
A former vaudevillian magician (Shirley MacLaine) moves her straight-laced niece (Terri Garr) and her two mischievous children to a small town. When the two kids get in trouble with a neighbor for stealing vegetables from his garden, the aunt concocts an illusion of ghosts in revenge. Only trouble is the whole town believes it is real and soon the press is swarming the town and a major magic trick is required for everyone to save face.
(Two minute Trailer)

At the computer early, simple breakfast, hot bath
10:00AM and climbing into the Seventies!
 Off to Library, Post, and then across town bus to the Hudson River with my long time neighbor Ron Sherbet. We saw a flotilla of contented ducks in murky water.

 The carousel Ducks and Horses and more.
 Spent a lovely hour in the bright sunshine over there and took the bus back home where a very thoughtful gift from Dee Mallon awaited me.  Because of the plethora of kindnesses that have come my way since I've been ill, each new arrival tears me up a little. Funny how kindness can make one feel both sad and glad at the same time.  Sad I suppose because I'm reminded of my limitation and glad because it feels good when folks care.
This wonderful old video was gleaned for .99 recently so I'll spend some time resting and watching before supper.
 (A three minute clip which may seem like a spoiler, but take my word for it, the film leading up to this ending needs to be seen in it's totality. It's a charmer.)


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Anonymous said...

glad box arrived, Michelle... I saw that Shirley MacLaine movie and enjoyed it, too. Enjoy the beautiful weather that's finally come our way!