Saturday, April 29, 2017


Shall I tell you how my day goes?
Today for instance:

Rise at 5AM, read emails and answer, bathe, make breakfast and eat, take medication, dress, check face book , get address for a friend who is sick in order to send a letter (she lost her internet, had an accident and her dog is at the vet), organize bills and prepare checks and address envelopes, hand washing, wash dishes, file paperwork from yesterday, phone a friend about what time evening events are, make lunch and eat, take medication, pack up and head for the post office, then 'Housing Works' looking for a straw hat since it's suddenly hot (found none but did discover they're closing forever at the end of May in the 23rd Street location--too bad--rent increases unreachable again of course, and I so loved dropping in for the music and to chat with staff).  You know the story--greedy landlords and city planners making the joint over for tourists (forget families and elders and the just marginal)--shame.

Then to Madison Square Park
 shot a few photos
 for Arbor Day
There's to be tours and "each tree on the tour will be decorated with colorful garlands to help you find your way."
 but I can't stay and will return another day.
 at 5PM or so the new Katsura tree will be planted...
(see link)
 ...and cake will be served to celebrate...
 ...Like I said--I gotta move on.

On to Dharma Yoga Studio in the next block to see my friend Joanne who works there...(poppy on her desk) she was amazing when I was unable to navigate for a while--shopped at Trader Joe for me on three separate occasions bless her for excellent friendship.
(poppy on her desk)
 Then a slow stroll down Fifth Avenue. Stopping to sit a bit on the steps at Francis Xavier College, I noticed the dragonfly...
 sadly, deceased, but a treasure none the less.

Tibet House
22 West 15th Street
A talk and book signing by
Venerable Pema Rigtsal Rinpoche
"The Great Secret of Mind"
(see link)

​ Finally an extremely slow walk back home to 21st street where I downloaded photographs, prepared a meal with lots of garlic to eat over the weekend....had a bite and my evening Rx.  Now I am thoroughly spent by midnight but I intend to finish this post, then I'm going to have a hot tub, read a bit (maybe) and sleep.


Katsura Tree

"The Great Secret Mind"

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grace Forrest~Maestas said...

you are back On the MOVE.....
must be feeling Better...and how it is for you...your
travels...way more than i would be inclined
Thank you for taking me along!