Thursday, April 27, 2017


At the Zendo
Has this cloth been there in that place for as long as I've been attending and I just noticed it, or has it been moved to that corner recently?  Things do move around.

In My Notebook
Did you ever notice how doodling is often a fine way to work off anxiety?  There's been plenty of that available, what with the degraded state of the poor planet, the ugly agendas of various politicians, and my own recent medical challenges playfully referred to as the March from hell into April. Humor is also a way to mitigate anxiety. Here I am flying with strap-on wings, holding a torch for hope.


They arrive in person, by snail mail, by phone and email as well, and I'm noticing that the more vulnerable and alone I've felt these past months, the more folks I know well, and some I've only met in the virtual have been responding spontaneously almost every day with gifts and other forms of encouragement. It's really been astounding. It's been my main medicine. And, though there's more to come getting my body stabilized, I'm doing well thanks to every one of you who have stood by my side and kept my flame burning through the storm.

4. In My Writing
It's a tool too, and another medicine as well. Each section of this piece was written on a different day or night over many days and nights:

Silence is Silent
by M. Slater

"Oh. Cloudless the day when the dust of life settles,
when a song sparrow can be heard above the din."

 "Do everything possible to clear the path, fear not;
planets do not fear becoming, nor fear dissolution."

"Silence is the medication, cure, space and place.
Friends, where no sense resides is in sanctuary."   

"Courage? Ears are echoing the word--word--word--
I'm reaching for courage to adjust to my challenges."

"Adjusting and processing with the aid of medication
to the fact of the damages done. Forgive everything."    

Each day begins and ends in sleep, So:
'Good Morning' and 'Good Night' dear Friends.



Marti said...

Your drawn "selfie", flying, hovering for hope is just the best "tonic" to the cold, wet, gray, possibly snowy weekend here in New Mexico. She is a wonderful spirit of resilience and light that I can just see out of the corner of my eye,dancing over the far off Jemez Mountains; I like this, it brings magic to the day as do you**

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

really a BeautyFull and tenderly fierce drawing

Mo Crow said...

good to see you drawing and writing with a bit of spring in your wings