Saturday, May 6, 2017


Friday I got thoroughly drenched at Fourteenth Street while waiting for the Avenue B bus. Rain came down, entered sideways from both sides and it even fell up! The ride took about twenty minutes and the six long blocks walk took another ten but, miraculously, I was on time for my Doctors appointment, and she was ready for me too. No waiting!
Good News
My potassium levels are fine, and my blood pressure was 129/80, down from 162/90 last time. A blood pressure kit awaits me at my pharmacy and the plan is to measure levels at the same time every day for several weeks to a month, and Ill be checking in periodically.  If there's a problem the Rx is available to me. One very interesting incident...before the doctor checked my levels, an intern came in and did it. This first one was 150 something over 80, but when the Doctor did it, she asked me to sit up as I do when I meditate...and relax for thirty seconds. Relaxation alone brought the level down!
I will self administer the same way--meditate first.
After, while wandering down off Grand and Henry Street, and for blocks and blocks around, there is sky.  No megaliths have risen yet, only a few tall projects. I experience a feeling of spaciousness there. There's a whole lot of green too and there was mist. The people I talked to did not act like strangers, and in general glad to be of service when I asked them about their neighborhood.  I let them know I'd been coming here for years for my clinic visits, and that I breath better whenever I'm down here, that I love the greenery and the feeling of community I experience every time.

Houses of Worship
Next to my clinic is the historic St. Augustine Episcopal Church built in 1827-29 as the 'All Saints' Free Church and constructed out of Manhattan schist.
 There's quite an interesting history.
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The neighborhood has plenty of diverse options for worship.  Here's The Primitive Christian Church on East Broadway. They offer Pentecostal services in both Spanish and English.
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There's also the  Bialystoker Synagogue, designated a New York City Landmark in 1966. It is one of only four early-19th century field-stone religious buildings surviving from the late Federal period in Lower Manhattan and is the oldest building used as a synagogue in New York City. but I didn't get over there to take pictures.
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One Great Library

The Seward Park branch of The New York Public Library on Manhattan’s Lower East Side can trace its roots back to 1886, when the Aguilar Free Library Society founded it.
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Off screen on the left is Seward Park,
a 3.48 acre landscaped plot with amenities.
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Houses of Worship




Mo Crow said...

interesting that you can lower your blood pressure with meditation, makes a lot of sense!

Nancy said...

How wonderful that you are so well taken care of! I can see that pieces of sky would help!