Friday, May 5, 2017


 Blogging and Posting
This morning I wondered why.  The screen's an empty canvas, a lump of clay, a bolt of cloth, a blank page--a creative outlet.  And though I'm thinking about possible readers or viewers, I'm doing it for myself essentially, doing it because something wants to manifest.  It's the same with photography - Sometimes the picture leads, sometimes the thought leads to a picture, and one thing leads to another so I'm not quitting yet. I'm still entertaining myself.

(Notebook cover a gift from blog buddy Laura)

International, National and Local News
A trio guaranteed to bring you down even when the sun shines, so I'm retiring from the 'need-to-know' syndrome and quitting my daily plunge into the abyss.

"Way Down We Go"
by Kaleo
(5 Minutes)

However, I don't believe "we get what we deserve" - we get what we get for reasons we can only speculate about...blame the roads taken and chance. As to the current political moment; no one deserves it,
not even 'Godzilla'

(2 minutes forty seconds that felt like twenty minutes)

I was in a mood 

"Exercise is good for people, as everyone knows. But scientists have surprisingly little understanding of its cellular impacts and how those might vary by activity and the age of the exerciser."


Wiki - Godzilla


Patty said...

Just to say, I pay attention almost daily to 'my' blogs. It's
some good news that another human is going on even when it gets
hard for them. I do hope you continue to inspire me, but if not
please know it's been helpful for me.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

this morning i began to read

The Moth presents

All These Wonders
Stories About Facing The Unknown

it's totally energizing and it's just stories.
just stories.

Stories about a moment or event in someone's life.

telling a story.

Like you do. of your days. Like you do.


Nancy said...

We all just go the best way we know how. Love to you Michelle in NYC.

To Grace: I'm reading "Driving Miss Norma"...and enjoying it so much.

Mo Crow said...

thank you for introducing the music of Kaleo