Monday, May 29, 2017


The Fleet has landed!
Looking out across the mighty Hudson River
 Wild skies all day
 Nearly deserted pathways from 23rd Street to 34th since the real crowds were downtown partying, drinking, visiting the ships come to port
 Rain clouds swirled and threatened
 A Mallard couple cruised the shore undisturbed
There's a large fenced in area where huge architectural elements of the past and stone sculptures are being kept behind locked gates
They've been there for years
I wonder if they will ever be used again

I walked for several hours
 I let thoughts wash over me, thoughts about the current wars, all the past wars just in my own little life, and the wars down through the ages, thought of the constant effort to expand and the competing energies of construction and destruction we struggle with.
In my heart of hearts there was only peace.
(one hour)

Crossed out of the park and back into the city at 6:30
I walked across 35th Street to second Avenue, then downtown, stopping at Fairway for a few food items, and on home to 21st Street, up three flights to stash food and indulge in a lovely nap.  I did not watch the Memorial Day Concert or Parade, just read the world news in my neglected morning pages and turned away from the sad facts of war to catch up on blogs I love, downloaded my photographs and constructed 
Part 1 of River Walk

Here's a six minute joyous compilation of dogs reuniting with the returned


yvette said...

no sore feet Michelle?


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

you travel Well