Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Recycling Real-Estate

(note this building is not yet abandoned)

"Sergey Federovich Pankratov was born in the early 1920's (1921 or 1922) and became associate professor in the Department of Philosophy of the.Moscow Institute of Instrument Engineering. When people asked him about his profession he would say that he was a philosopher. In 1964, when he was in his early forties, he acquired an ordinary wooden house in the small community of Kuznetsy, a neigbourhood in the city of Pavlovsky Posad in the Moscow region. A year later he got permission to rebuild the property into a stone house. So in 1965 Pankratov began to rebuild the house. The project would take 16 years, due to the special building style and the various specific elements and decorations he added."
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I'm looking into abandoned masterpieces of architecture, empty shells that once had visions of a different future. They often come cheap. Sometimes, the government in question is grateful to get the property off their books, and will offer tax considerations to sweeten the sale. Some countries even have land and buildings they'll pay you to take on.
"Waste not - Want not"
Jus' Sayin'
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Vanishing New York
"The loss of old buildings and small businesses, the homogenization from suburban chains and condo boxes, is more than an aesthetic loss. It is damaging us psychologically and physically."
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Moody Days
Moody days of rapidly shifting weather thrust me
back and forth from extreme to extreme,
with rest-stops at the in-between,
flowing on a slipstream.

Resistance and Release
with Pema Chodron
(one hour)
(see Zen Mind Beginners Mind link)

"We Are the Ones We Are Waiting For"
by Fred Arcoleo
(six minutes)


Recycling Real-Estate

Vanishing New York

Zen Mind Beginners Mind
by Shunryu Suzuki Roshi 



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resistance is a waste of time against those powers
lets listen to Pema chodron