Friday, May 12, 2017


(First published in May of 2016, this touching 'Mother' story returns to warm my heart once more)

The Thread Stone
Mother Metaphor
On Mothers day, a girl who reads our blogs wrote to Wendy Golden Levitt about what we mean to her.  It was a very fond, wonderful and tender letter about her life and feelings, and made me weep.  In one part, she told about collecting Mothers:

"i will collect many mothers. michelle, grace and you are my second and third and fourth mothers. i love this a lot. collecting mothers. i arrange what each of you mothers got in a soft bag  where i keep my special things. i put a flat rock from the lake with a different coloured thread around it. and i write down black for my real mother, orange is grace. yellow is michelle. blue is wendy. like that."
Inspired, I made this stone--giving Wendy three different blues because she shared the story, and I kept the birth mother black at the center, then yellow for me and orange for Grace Forest.  I saw as I was wrapping the thread that some strands had drifted, which gave me the idea of braiding them all together!
Now We Are One
May we be happy.
May we be free from suffering.
May our hearts be easy no matter what comes to us in life.


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

thread mother
one of Many

Mo Crow said...


jude said...

oh, how perfect

Nancy said...

So beautiful Michelle

Judy Martin said...

This is very special. I agree with that girl - you are each, Michelle, Wendy and Grace - very wonderful mothers.

Thank you for making my day quite a bit better. xoxo