Monday, July 17, 2017


I don't respond most of the time here. It's just a question of how much I can manage in my waking hours actually.  I love comments and do return to read them. I also read and sometimes comment on several other blogs almost every day--love them. My virtual family is so entertaining and informative, I can't imagine how I ever did without them.

(In the order they were taken)

This elegant wooden lacquered Raven decorates a table in the window of a furniture store in the neighborhood selling spare modern style. I'd be curious to know if it's actually resin or some other industrial substance and the manufacturers country of origin.

A  postcard I've held on to for a few years:
Portrait of Scot Borofsky by Jiyl Barrows, Photographer
 I edited to get just his head.

Two shots of my Kitchen Shelf...
 ...see the difference?

Next block over on East 20th Street--part of the former Cabrini Hospital where a friend found final relief in a caring hospice, staffed by excellent Philipine nurses, and where I spent ten days and a fine MD saved me from a life threatening infection. It has been gutted and will soon become market-rate housing. We can look forward to yet another increase in the metropolitan population. There's a twelve story building that's been under construction for many months on the south east corner of my block, so more to come.

The Rubin Museum
Block Party outside on West 17th Street

 Silk art in the shop
 Art on the walls of the cafe... prompts for thought.  Sadly, I didn't note the artist, but I did run into Babette Albens, a poet I've known for several years, there with her daughter Shira.
Outside Again
a traditional 'Stick Dance'... our line dancing with props that serve as percussion instruments,
and everyone encouraged to join in.
 Everyone was clapping in time to the music too.


After the vendors wrapped up, tables and chairs were collected and returned to the museum, I headed back East noticing this abandoned home-made signage...
...then crossed the street to Housing Works for an air conditioned break and met Peter Morely carrying his beloved thirteen year old canine companion. We had an illuminating and encouraging conversation about current politics.  He is an activist and advocate.

Almost Home
On the corner of East 22nd Street--this last shot I'm calling "Sacred-Bee-Balm"


Mo Crow said...

that raven is special, does looks like cast resin rather than wood

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

your you collage your days...

Nancy said...

Love going walk-about with you!

Velma Bolyard said...

i seldom get over here, in fact seldom check many blogs, but i do love seeing the big city through your eyes.

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