Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Chronological order

False alarm on East 15th Street
(Three trucks and many men in full gear moving fast)

 Another major rehabilitation begins on East 23rd Street
 Some of my Neighbors early Saturday morning

Sunday Walk
Fairy Flowers
blooming on a tree at Gramercy Park
(shutter didn't open completely, and name escapes me)
After shopping for incense in Little India
a neglected empty lot on 28th Street
Berrying vine over the pine tree
Four-o-Clocks and more still thriving
Next door, in the parking lot back of Epiphany school
 Hidden Mary on a bright day
"Mary at Midnight"
(manipulated photograph)

heading to Writing Group
Planter on 2nd at 22nd Street
Clouds like Mountains
 Heading home
"Yuko" and "Ramda" posed when I admired the t-shirt
(bus stop on First Avenue at Houston)

Drawing from 2000 and the photograph it's based on.
(bought all these monkeys to give away at a satsang--"a Sanscrit word, meaning "to associate with Truth")
 Other Art Pieces
A 'sun' filled corner on a dark day
 Cheerful Rose

At the zendo for Practice
Birthday Cupcakes
 Hand sewn


Anonymous said...

a story in pictures... so dense, so particular, so interesting!

I think the tree is a silk tree and the unnamed flower might be bee balm.

I see the scaffolding and feel for you -- will this project be in audible range? A house three doors up from me sold and I'm guessing it's a tear down. And, that there's probably Roxbury Puddingstone underneath -- meaning jackhammering. Ugh and ugh.

you called my neighborhood 'the country' the other day. I wrote a whole post about how and why it wasn't, but then held it back because it kind of turned on complaint (primarily about noise). this is a city and its pretty dense. not like NY of course, but not even close to a rural setting.

I love how much beauty you find on your city streets. The tucked away, the cramped, the hidden, in the people, the clouds... it is a mindset worth emulating!

Mo Crow said...

Ah, the Big Apple, city of dreams always changing with each new generation

Velma Bolyard said...

i think it's monarda...i have it in my garden.