Thursday, August 10, 2017


Monday Night
While taking a midnight constitutional I gleaned
selects from the two full bouquets placed neatly at the top of the trash in front of the Lexington Avenue Hotel.  Scored two perfect Lilies...
 ...and two sunflowers.
The world and local news has me in a thought grip and I turn to sleep like some folks turn to the Medical Profession or the medicine cabinet. Meditation helps but too often these days I'm unable to quiet myself enough unless meditating with a group (and I can't always get to the Zendo).  Sleep, though temporary and though it steals time, works for a while.
Anxiety Doodle

Early Tuesday Morning
The news informs us that our President will return from his golf course "working vacation" in New Jersey to his New York City penthouse atop Trump Towers Sunday night for three days of traffic congestion, Protests, closed streets and extra work for the police force. First visit since his inauguration. That makes Manhattan a renewed prime target again I think--and would rather not think.

All day waiting for the Super to fix a Plumbing Problem. He had said to phone at 11AM--I did--left message, and again at noon--he said he was downstairs in the apartment below me snaking their drains and would be up right after. I waited till 3--no call and no show. I went to the library nearby returning two due audio books and taking two more...
...home again I saw the Super outside on the sidewalk stacking trash bags--When asked why he didn't phone, he got defensive/aggressive-claimed he couldn't 'adhere' to my schedule and needed a key...a noted change from our past interactions. He had gone to lunch after, but i didn't add to his distress--simply arranged for another attempt tomorrow.
Made me sad.
I took another twenty minute refresh/reset nap...
then back out to the hardware store to get one key made for $2...
...ordered a Medico key copy as well but that has to be sent out, takes a week and costs $20 I would rather not have had to spend just now. Then, vacuumed three rooms, washed the kitchen floor, had a snack and napped again.
Could life be any more exciting?

Posted this at Face book today:
"Nuclear News in Four Minutes"

This morning after reading my morning pages, despairing somewhat at our lack of wise leadership,
I was reminded of this song

At 11 O'clock I phoned the super and he came right away, we made friends again.  He snaked the old toilet and tightened some internal flush mechanism. It's a little better. He said that next week when he finishes two apartments that have to be painted, he will remove the toilet and snake the system deeper. It should take about four hours. He and I both understand that this landlord would not choose to replace the whole thing and I'm not about to shake up my situation with a court case. It will have to suffice.
It is what it is because it is.

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