Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Hi There...

Sonnet 29

What you See is What you Get
Sure seems to be mighty dark out there in the big bad world, but something unexpected happens when the mind is clear enough to see squash blossoms in a box on the street at shin height when walking quickly to get somewhere on time...
...or to notice the elephant in plain view on Third Avenue which has been there for years
... or to stop a minute, take the time to read messages on signs one passes every day:
"Jesus walked on water so he wouldn't have to take the Subway"
I'm on the Bus heading Uptown
Trader Joe loves everyone.

On the bus again-uptown and crosstown to Lincoln Center
Best attended concert of the summer the guards told me. I roamed and only took a few photographs because most of the time I was dancing--just me and Cora Cane with a thousand or so other people.

Snapping images
Dressed so fine
Being close
All enjoying the free event, mild weather, the Great Bonnie Raitt and her very fine band.

On the way I met a swell Swiss photographer here on assignment who shot a lot of photos of me (eek) and showed me his new daughter and wife back in Zurich. Very sweet. Hope he sends me some shots (said he would). I thought I shot one of him on my camera but it wasn't there so I didn't.

There was some protesting nearby-very civilized-educating and recruiting quietly.
...and an activist-entrepreneur selling Anti-Trump buttons

Waiting for the bus to take me Home
"If music be the food of love, play on,Give me excess of it; that surfeiting,The appetite may sicken, and so die."
(Act One, Scene One, lines one through three from Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare)
I've been in love with Bonnie Raitt since the seventies. Although I can't show you the concert from tonight, and everyone knows she's a blues master (B.B.King said so) but she delivers this ballad straight to my heart.

Monday Night at the Zendo
Saying Farewell to lovely Mary Remington,
Founding member leaving after ten years invaluable service.
Expressions of gratitude to the Sangha and From the Sangha
 Then Snacks
Champagne and Strawberry Shortcake



jude said...

Mom loved Bonnie.

Mo Crow said...

what a wonderful post full of such light & beauty in this strangely dystopian SF sort of year, I love Bonnie Raitt too !

yvette said...

this is how i picture new york....full of unforseen events..dancing...and you!