Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Friday September Eighth
The waning moon...
A rippling path.
Wendy contemplates...
...then shoots the moon.
Men Fishing
There were five or six and it was immediately obvious, no strangers to one another. There was music and a festive atmosphere - this one caught a beauty,  but while exhibiting, urging others to photograph, he left it hanging hooked, live, gills struggling for air, it's glittering eye still seeing. No doubt it took time to get all the photos they wanted before the actual kill. and in between...suffering, though much debate about that is still waged. I felt a strong wish to intervene, release it from the moment, but only shot this one quickly, turned away from the spectacle, thoughts drifting through my brain about all the issues involved in humans eating animal flesh, as I have over my decades of being both carnivore and herbivore......Later that night I considered it again. "Suffice to say that both the scientific and the philosophical arguments on either side of the animal-suffering issue are involved, abstruse, technical, often informed by self-interest or ideology, and in the end so totally inconclusive that as a practical matter, in the kitchen or restaurant, it all still seems to come down to individual conscience, going with (no pun) your gut."
(see the full Link please)
We didn't speak of it but went on, away from the river up 20th Street and into Stuyvesant Town passing manicured garden...
...to the fountain
where Wendy took some shots and when I went to take one of her, did a "star turn" leaving me with this interesting gestural blur backed by a lamp-light 'star'.

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