Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Monday September 25th
After meeting with my writing buddies slightly shocked to find only four tonight! However the smallness made reading more leisurely and the writing was all quite Fine. Tomorrow I will summarize for my friend Barbara - still stuck close to home after knee surgery.
Waiting for the bus uptown near Grand, a kind of on-the-edge spot, a little dark, this door just behind me and the lamplight distorting. Was glad when the bus arrived.

Some blogs I read regularly and some only once in a while,
Guess which one I chose from this group of once in awhile offers....
I've never been to Marseille.

Tuesday September 26th
The last blog viewed before sleep just woke me...it's images replaying in my dream. I wrote the photographer to ask a few questions and received this reply: "I came upon the sea lion at 12 noon, and sat with it for the next 6 hours while it died. At first I thought it had come ashore for a rest, it looked so exhausted. But it became clear it was wasting, dying. It kept moving itself further up the beach to get ahead of the incoming tide. It didn't want to go back into the water. So sad. I rang the local marine science centre. They said they don't do seal or sea lion rescues. Oregon policy is to leave the creature alone and let nature take its course.
So I sat with it.
( Death of a Sea Lion-two screen shots from the blog)


1. A sharp increase in the number of sick and dead California sea lions has been reported along the Oregon coast in recent weeks and many may have died from leptospirosis.

2. "Since 2002, the task force has been collecting data on oil spills in Washington, Oregon, California, and Hawaii, providing information on the size of spill, location, type of material and substrate (on land or water)."

Still Tuesday
Six + minutes Practice the Antidote for Anger

90 plus degrees in Manhattan, clear and dry
One Last Blissful Swing

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