Sunday, September 24, 2017

((((( SIGH )))))

Plans for a trip way up the West side of town scuttled as what I thought might take an hour took three or four moving slowly, Swifter dust rag in hand, Purposeful and finely focused on the detail of what I was moving around, I discovered:

Vintage Cotton Cloth
43 1/2 by 160 Inches
No Backing
(used to be a quilt)

Back lit by Sunlight
 With Flash
I'm wanting to give it away to a cloth creative and so,
if anyone else feels strongly about it, let me know in a comment or by email.

An Archive
 Originals from Theater Days with R. Nemo Hill
 (Organized and Protected in a Binder)

Ready for Workers
 Air Conditioner must Travel for Repair, IF it can be repaired *hope-Should get a call Monday or Tuesday for the diagnostic visit (store is two blocks away and I've know the Owners for decades.

The contrast on a neglected window exposed!
(Tomorrow or Tuesday when the A/C is gone, I will attempt cleaning.)

Boxes of Fabric, Photographs and Slides
Neatly blocking the big bookshelf now but accessible.
Now I can go for an outdoor walk before sundown.

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