Tuesday, October 31, 2017


October 28th 2017
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On the ledge
On 2nd Avenue
at the Thrift
St. Marks steeple

Corner of 11th Street

Pigeons on 10th Street
 At the Entrance
A brother and sister with their puppets
Many trinkets
 She is the Yellow-Hat man
from "Curious George"
 Shrine to the Departed
Donations for Mexicans in need
 "Sen Jarocho Traditional"
One of many bands playing throughout
 led by Paula Sanchez-Kudukozer
Allen Ginsberg, Ted Berrigan and
The Poetry Project
 Michael Scholnick,
W. H. Auden, Paul Blackburn and Frank O'Hara
 Three pose for pictures with cardboard guitars
 Little Duckie with his truck

Inside the church
Danspace Project and the dance community at large celebrate
The legacy of Trisha Brown
"She altered how we perceive, create, and understand dance since forming her company in 1970. Brown's company alums, colleagues, and admirers will speak, dance, reminisce, and pay tribute to one of our history's greatest influencers."
Speakers include: Philip Bither, Val Bourne, Adam Brown, Nancy Dalva, Molly Davies, Liz Gerring, Iréne Hultman, Judy Hussie-Taylor, Laurel Jenkins, Bill T. Jones, Jon Kinzel, Wendy Perron, Susan Rosenberg, Denise Luccioni, Ralph Lemon, Babette Mangolte, Sam Miller, Tere O'Connor, Stephen Petronio, Yvonne Rainer, Hendel Teicher, Liz Thompson, Jennifer Tipton.
 Trisha Brown Dance Company alums who will perform include: Kathleen Fisher, Lance Gries, Iréne Hultman, Laurel Jenkins, Eva Karczag, Tara Lorenzen, Diane Madden, Mariah Maloney, Leah Morrison, Brandi Norton, Wendy Perron, Jaime Scott, Shelley Senter, Vicky Shick, Keith Thompson, Abby Yaeger.
Free and Open to the public.

In the Evening
Simone Forti and Steve Paxton

After the Kids Dance Party
Master of Ceremonies
 Out back in the Courtyard
Limbo Contest
 Free Feasting
 and a Treasure hunt
 The Horned One
 Fallen Angel
 Green Pixie
 Little Pumpkin
Courtyard decorations
 Two Treasure hunters
 Clues hidden near markers
 Here's one she shouts
 Reading the clue
 Star of the Show
The Altar after Dark

Headed home up Third Avenue, I ran into these
Kangaroo Revelers outside a bar. When asked why, they said that Roos were endangered and, although that's true, I didn't quite believe them.

Post Script
Peter Stuyvesant
Founder with an important history crucial to the establishment of New York City


Dia de los Muertos 
Day of the Dead 2017 in United States of America began on Tuesday
October 3rd and ends on Thursday, November 2nd 


Peter Stuyvesant
Founder with an important and astounding history
crucial to the establishment of New York City


Mo Crow said...

good to see America appropriating the Mexican Day of the Dead as Halloween with all the spooky stuff is now embraced even in the Land Down Under with little kids doing trick or treating last night with all the supermarkets full of imported orange pumpkins, black & orange plastic stuff, ghosts & fake spider webs, ah the strangeness of global consumerism!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

a Treasure Hunt!!!....i forgot about Treasure Hunts....
oh, YAY....Thank You!
Will have to make on on the Hill....

Anonymous said...

an especially nice photo tour today! I love the steeple and the fallen angel.