Thursday, October 26, 2017


I Protest
A new Modem was installed today at the request of Spectrum, formerly Time Warner and it may have something to do with that.
I sent feedback.


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

i don't understand

Nancy said...

I see you on FB...haven't had time for blogs...however, love you the same as always!!

Anonymous said...

oh no! no. no. just so you know -- I'm still here.

Mo Crow said...

I don't follow anyone anywhere in the cyber sea or the real world I just like visiting friends when I feel like it or when asked to come over!

Ms. said...

Okay then...thanks to all of you who responded but don't like to follow---no problem, and Grace don't get me so good but to explain a bit. Originally my Blogger design included several 'wigits' in my side bar on the left like your adding your music things and your ship on the right of yours...they are items that stay on the page like a permanent format. Anyhow--one of the 'Wigits' on mine was called "followers" and it allowed folks to join in via a Google form. Then they stayed there forever, some with little photos to identify themselves ans, anyway---I had about 52 there that have Joined over the many years...meaning, if I posted, they would see me on their blog dashboard like mail they could choose to read or not. Yesterday the "followers place went Blank. All gone...Google is aware I found out after searching the help forums and supposedly are trying to fix it. Complex right? Most of you regulars read me another wy by having my link on your own pages, or because I post indivigual blog posts on Face book...but not all. Ultimately I kind of don't really care and it's dust to dust or come and go and I'm fine about whatever.