Thursday, October 12, 2017


(Bus stop poster for "Geostorm"
opening in movie houses October 20th)

Tell me who? Who has become mighty careful not to swim in deep, choppy waters?

(Chinese Dancer performing at Union Square)
And, who, aware of the muddy places, represses the urge to splash them on to others?

(Unsigned print hanging on the wall in my medical clinic)
Who is loath to inflict any more pain than is already shaking, burning and flooding us all?

(A nearly deserted High line NYC at closing time)
Who measures the difference between cowardice and courage, or rage and restraint?

(Gone to seed on the High line October 11th 2017)
Who is weary, two inches shorter thanks to melting bones and no longer battle fit or willing?

(Allan Andre, Sax "The Autumn Leaves)
Who hasn't know more promise, staggered through days and nights living and dying?

(Looking over the Hudson to the other shore)



Mo Crow said...

a beautiful poetic response to the strangeness of these days

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

tenderly you write of things.....