Saturday, November 25, 2017


I gave thanks for sleep and dreams
A pair of pigeons roosting in the dark Alley
 My Heating Pad
Medicinal Teas
Neighbors who saved Thanksgiving take out for me
Homeopathic remedies
The Doctor who answered his cell phone
Gifts from afar
Bloggers I Love
My Comforter
Television and Radio
Sweet Memories
Future Possibilities

An old pastel pomegranate drawing unearthed I slowly transformed with pen doodles and colored pencil
when I couldn't sleep

Quiet because so many tenants are traveling
Forgetting all about Black Friday


Mo Crow said...

love your resting pumpkin !

jude said...

so many things!

Deb said...

The completed persimmon is the frosting on the cake! Glad you are on the mend.

Nancy said...

Counting you among my blessings. May you continue to heal well. So love the drawing!

Anonymous said...

I love your pomegranate drawing.