Monday, November 27, 2017


Bali Volcano threatening eruption,

The Pope in Mayanmar has to walk a thin line,

Koch brothers backed deal buys Time Magazine,

Papua New Guinea authorities have moved in to evict refugees from a former Australia-run detention center,

Scientists are warning that Lake Victoria, Africa's largest freshwater lake, is under threat of dying.


I'm sick of accumulated disasters and blatant stupidity in the news and sick of this old body being sick and tired but:

As for life, I’m humbled,

I’m without words

sufficient to say

how it has been hard as flint,

and soft as a spring pond,

both of these

and over and over

Read the rest of this wonderful poem by Mary Oliver:


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

I love you Michelle

alsokaizen said...

The poem is new to me thank you for the introduction :) I hope you feel better soon.

Valerianna said...

Yes, all of it - overwhelming, complex, simple, beautiful, ugly - LIFE! Blessings of feeling better to you

(nice music :)

Anonymous said...

and today's news is even worse. take good care. we need each other.

jude said...

it's what we got to work with.