Tuesday, December 19, 2017


St. George decor
Holiday Services and the clock that hasn't told the correct time for as long as I can recall


Monday Evening Holiday Celebration
at my  beloved Zendo
Avalokiteshvara Presiding
Including my Pumpkin loaf glazed squares
Lovely folks dedicated to helping others
The bread arrives and is sliced to share
There was also a large selection of Vegetarian and non- vegetarian offerings with mixed salads and side dishes a-plenty for all.

Mail delivered substantial Cheer
Monday from Jude Hill
More cheery mail Tuesday
from Dee Mallon
Sweet collage card
Contains a collage cover for a blank notebook gift
even the envelope

My health remains Fragile.
Though I've defeated the vicious flu/cold, my old chronic condition is in full flower and I will likely have to return to the medication that was managing it successfully for many months before I had to go off it to boost my depressed immune system. Although I do not look forward to the side effects, I'm glad there is medication available. I see my doctor on the 9th and am trying to hold out till then. My spirit remains robust, alert and essentially happy. I'm addressing cards and packing packages. As for as I'm concerned, The Holiday season begins in December and extends through all of January dear Friends.

Tuesday is fast Dissolving
So...why not dissolve with it I say. My long time friend, Theresa LoSchiavo, informed me today that wonderful Raymond Briggs
"The Snowman"

 Published a second book and animation about Santa which begins with a piece from the Snowman and continues to the new work:

No matter how disastrous the world scene,
Kindness is never a mistake.


Nancy said...

Michelle~ Oh your treasures in the mail!!! They and their makers sure know how to lift spirits! The Snowman is a true treasure...and now this one too! I usually like children's books to stay book and keep their magic that way, but this one was done SO WELL!!!! I hope you will continue to be on the mend, we all love you so.

Anonymous said...

I really hope 2018 finds your health in full flower. Stay warm, stay as well as possible. Glad your mood remains robust -- I admire that!