Saturday, December 30, 2017


Posted last year, I've altered the title to post again. It's a film worth seeing with a message even more relevant today.

George McWhirter Fotheringay, while vigorously asserting the impossibility of miracles, suddenly discovers that he can perform them.
 After being thrown out of a bar for what is thought to be a trick, he tests his powers and eventually sends a policeman to Hades by accident. Worried, he sends the police officer to San Francisco, and seeks advice from the local clergyman, Mr Maydig. Maydig, after having Fotheringay's powers demonstrated to him, quickly planning for reform of the world by means of miracle, but eventually Fotheringay orders a miracle which, due to clumsy wording, backfires. What follows is a miraculous H.G/ Wells fantasy classic.

(1 hour and 15 Minutes-Watch full screen)

the last four minutes was left off but a click will get you to it at the end of thisvideo

"The Man Who Could Work Miracles"
A British fantasy–comedy short story by H. G. Wells first published in 1898 in The Illustrated London News

H.G. Wells

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