Monday, December 11, 2017


Noon 38 Degrees
Looking East out my Front Window
Washington Square Arch
 The first of what will eventually be hundreds of installations by artist Ai Weiwei has now arrived under the Washington Square Arch in Washington Square Park
(See Link)
Washington Square Tree
(little birds twittering within)
Knitting Ornaments for sale in the Park

Every year my dear friend Michael gives me a ticket to the Christmas Concert at Judson Memorial Church
He's a member of the West Village Chorale
Before the Concert
Two Hours later, having enjoyed a wonderful program and sung along, I realized I never took any photos of the Chorus! Here's a peek at the rehearsal
Taking a rest stop before leaving Judson church
I Photographed a few Signs
This is just some of what Judson is all about.
(see link)
Home at 8PM
The warm up Corner


Ai WeiWei

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Anonymous said...

as always, love to travel 'round New York with you. I like 'art can be prophetic' being right next to 'art can be useless'.