Sunday, December 10, 2017


From noon, wet snow fell on Manhattan.
Out back in the alley between our two buildings...
 ...Westward looking out the front window
and Eastward toward the East River.

Since noon, Santa-Con kids roam the streets of this neighborhood

and every neighborhood across the City,
following prompts from their cell phones
 From bar to bar getting drunk.
(These two girls were very cold and unhappy)
  Wise cabbies stay clear so that the only rides are those like 'Uber' or one of the other call in car services.

Having made the mistake of lying down to watch the much anticipated next episode of "Doc Martin", I slept through it. I was awakened near 10:00 by a booming party in the apartment below me, just in time to catch the end of "Four Weddings and a Funeral" when, at around 11PM my upstairs neighbors began slamming doors and stomping around, in protest I think to the noise below. Then suddenly silence. The party had moved to the street awaiting car services to take them elsewhere. It's often like this on weekends. Such is life for us elders with Millennials and College kids having moved in at a ratio of ten to one. I have adapted by staying up nights in the gaps between assaults, sleeping in most mornings. When I was Twenty something, someone asked "Where do you see yourself in fifty years?" Without hesitation I answered "Retired with a comfortable income, by the sea in a two room cottage in Ireland with a studio out back, a little land for a kitchen garden, a sturdy pony and cart for visits to neighbors, Doctors and the nearby villages, a couple of cats and a big friendly dog."


"Doc Martin"

"Four Weddings and A Funeral"


Mokihana Calizar said...

Michelle! Good morning to you in NYC from Whidbey Island in the Salish Sea. I read your comment on Terri's Myth and Moor and linked the cybersea to find this. What a hoot and incredible view of a city I have never been. Santa con.!*? I love the mythic art con enabled here because of the Blog Elves. Happy Sunday, Michelle. You have made MY son.

yvette said...

first...happy birthday Michelle( and i wish dreams come through but we have imagination don’t we?
personality i believe we are at the place we must be, where our task is but that’s bitter sweet and said by me who lives in a village.
by the way....wet snoe here too!

Marti said...

Doc Martin fan here. My daughter is married to a Brit so she has traveled extensively, as have our grandchildren, all over Britain. One of their vacation spots is Cornwall and on a visit to Port Isaac, three years ago, location for Doc Martin, they met the actor Ian McNeice who plays Bert Large. He was friendly and charming and showed the grandkids lobster traps.

alsokaizen said...

Happy Birthday Michelle!
I didn't quite end up where I thought I would either but mostly I'm OK with it. Seeing the snow fall in NY is pretty, I don't often get to the exciting big city so its a treat to see it through your lens

Mo Crow said...

love seeing the snow in the big apple & about those noisy neighbours, I never ever complain about noise & partying, having lived with musicians all my adult life, have held many after gig parties with friends playing music and singing til dawn with gusto! re youthful dreams, so many people dream of living in the Big Apple!

Ms. said...

Yvette and Alsokaisen--Whereever dud you get the idea that December 10th is my birthday? It's NOT. And Alsokaisen--PLEASE remind me who you are-I think I came to you through Grace. Nice to get a note from you Mokihana...I love your comments over at Terri's...and as for my twenty something was meant to be poignent. I'm okay wherever I am for the most part. Mo, when you're seventy five and Ill and your walls shake and scraps of paint fall you might complain..but like I said - I adjust. I wouldn't deny the young'uns their pleasures...and I had some high times myself back in the day. I still say the tone was different, less hostile, less thoughtless. Just sayin'. Marti, I'm so looking forward to the next season of the Doc...they say it starts up in January.

alsokaizen said...

Hi Michelle
sorry about that happy unbirthday instead :)
alsokaizen = annalisa = kaizen journey.
(I have many names ;)

Anonymous said...

sorry to've missed your birthday! the view to the East River is no pasture in Ireland but it is grand to my eye

Ms. said...