Friday, December 8, 2017


The Tree

The difference is light, which the twittering
negotiations of sheltering sparrows does not dim.

Nor does the din of hundreds of onlookers
alter their cadence or volume even one decibel.

Yes, the season of enraged consumption
has officially opened even the paupers purse.

Free goods are offered, whetting appetites
to need what might surely be simple whimsy.


 My Work Table
 Butter-n-Eggs and Veronica
 Kindness Rules
 Everything Comes and Goes
 The Golden Ball
 Pomegranate Seeds


Marti said...

I often speak of quiet joys and here in this post Michelle, your whimsical creativity has touched me with the spirit of heartfelt giving. Your cards bring a smile as well as joy and I know this first hand. Thank you for sharing your life in thoughtful, profound, deeply moving words; in photos that tell of a richly authentic life lived in a bustling city; with links to so many aspects of culture, music, etc.; for sharing the beauty of your community, your friends and most of all, yourself with all of us. May the coming light of the Winter Solstice wrap its warmth and spirit around you.

Mo Crow said...

I love the annual ritual of celebrating Joy Peace & Friendship

Tina Zaffiro said...

Heartfelt smiles looking at your cards ... so authentic. A lot like your postings of people ..places and things that you continually introduce me to. Hope that you are feeling better ...

Mokihana Calizar said...

Your cards are delightful, hopeful, mixed media fun.