Sunday, December 3, 2017


Short-short Story about a Tedious Trip
(peppered with a few photos I shot along the way)
Yesterday in Manhattan
Heading out to The Cathedral of John the Divine to meet my friend 'Archangel' Michael Beiser there at 4PM, visit friends Nemo and Julio at their market booth in the nave, then over to the Hungarian pastry shop across the street for a treat, l left my apartment on East 21st Street at 2PM, posted my monthly bill payments at the Post Office on E. 23rd Street...
(portion of an Aids flag in Housing Works thrift shop window)

 ...and was at the bus stop on Third and twenty third by 2:30 where I waited and waited and WAITED, finally boarding the Limited bus uptown heading for 110th Street around 3PM. The journey was long and slowed by unbelievable traffic. When I asked the driver about the scheduling of the cross town bus, I was informed "There's no stop at 110, only 105 or 116", so I got off, waited for the 106 cross town...

...boarded, but when it reached 5th Avenue it turned left heading back downtown!!!
I was then informed the bus crosses to the West side at 93rd Street (Eeeeeeeeeek). I Asked the time (no watch or phone) 4:30--Realized I'd never make it to the Cathedral before 5 or 5:30 and the event ends at 6. Resigned, I gave up, got off and caught another downtown bus on Fifth Avenue.
(view out the front window as we passed the main Library branch at 43rd Street)
I  would have begged use of a cell phone from a fellow rider to call Michael...we had been chatty and friendly...
(the beautiful Ms. Jinji Nicole)

 ... but I never took any numbers with me because I hadn't anticipated this much trouble and traffic. Adding salt to the wounds, at 53rd we were told the bus was rerouting and we all had to get off. Another bus on fifth let us on and we continued, painfully crawling past the shopping district at a block every 5 minutes until, at 31st Street the new driver announced HE had just been ordered to reroute as well!

Got off and waited for the bus cross town on 31st Street till I realized there was never a cross town there....walked on by now swollen knees very slowly the rest of the way...
(This sad, beautiful previously living creature in the window of 'Good Old Things' on Madison Avenue caught my eye)

... stopping at a local store for one item and arriving home not much before 8PM. Had a comforting conversation with dear Michael who had been worried. Turns out he had a lovely time with Julio and Nemo and got a beautiful scarf too.


Portuguese pronunciation: [dʒĩˈdʒi] - which sounds like Jin-jee in English, is a song composed by Antônio Carlos Jobim, with lyrics by Aloysio de Oliveira


Mo Crow said...

(((Michelle))) one of those days!

Nancy said...

Oy! What a day!