Tuesday, January 2, 2018


"August" This cloth lived here for awhile on loan a year or so ago, Then went back to it's maker, Grace Forest in New Mexico. Today it was returned to me as a gift.

Hand written letter
12. 16. 2017
"The drive took hours - Straight through, stopping only for gas. Smooth, arriving here, pulling the horse trailer up, then the Doe boat - positioning them, making a passage way out and into the gates with cattle prod. They F L O W E D out, into this Forest ---as if it were completely foreordained.    Tay runs FREE.   Tazmeena is spending her days just inside the travel trailer...so far.
12.17. 2017
Today is a week!  We are still figuring out, heat, running water.  There are leaks, drained batteries, etc. but we make headway.
More--there are walks down into the forest with goats and Tay, kids and us. A whirl of Intention.This place is so Beyond Beauty Full. A real Forest. beauty-full and Full of Love. I am SO glad we had the courage. Blog it if you can and Love to all there. Peace Be."

One Musical Favorite of Hers 

Her Last Blog Post

Mailing Address
Grace Maestas
P.O. Box 968
Oroville, California  95965

Oroville California
Oroville is positioned off of Highway 70 and is in close proximity to Highway 99, which connects Butte County with Interstate 5, which travels the length of California. Oroville is approximately 65 miles north of Sacramento, the California State Capitol. Oroville is a good 2.5 hours from the San Francisco Bay Area and Reno.


Deb said...

Thanks so much for posting this. It's hard to imagine the enormity of the change she's taken on so bravely.

Maria Buysse said...

thank you Michelle for share this
words ,wish you enough courage for
a beautifull year , greets maria

Valerianna said...

Wow, so it has happened, yay, Grace!!

Nancy said...

Oh Michelle...what a gift this is! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful
Thank you for sharing with us. xo

Mo Crow said...

So good to hear!

Liz A said...

Thank you for this good news ...

I bid you peace and good health in the new year ...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for passing Grace's news on! I've been wondering about her so much. I am also worried about you in the face of this oncoming storm. I hope you will be warm and safe.

Anonymous said...

such glad news! congrats to Grace and thank you Michelle. I FEEL her dog running free and laugh at the idea of Ms. Forrest in a place with a Beauty Full Forest!

Vicky aka Stichr said...

I have wondered, I have worried, I have hoped....that all is well in Grace's new environment and that the Goats made it safely too!

Thank you for sharing with us. And thank you grace.

alsokaizen said...

This makes my heart so glad, thank you for sharing!

beth from still life pond said...

Thank you Michelle. Her words are what I've hoped and imagined for her. So nice to hear it though. May you be safe and warm. What a winter we've been having!

Joanne S said...

Thank you posting Grace's letter. I feel, now, like I had been holding my breath since her last post in early December. and thank you for the location demographics.

You don't know me--but I read Grace's blog and see your comments. Stay warm tonight and tomorrow.
It's snowing sideways here in Maine.

Martine said...

Thank you so much for posting Michelle. So happy Grace is safe ...............
Never commented on your blog before Michelle. I hope you are well and i wish you all the best for this new year.......

Ms. said...

To all who have commented here about our dear friend Grace, especially those who have never commented here before, know that any friend of Grace is a friend of mine.

Sue McQ said...

So very glad to hear the journey was safe and all is well. Change is seldom easy. Blessings to Grace and all - may you find peace, good health and all good things. Sue

Anonymous said...

I also loved Grace's letter. I also wonder and still check her blog, just in case.
I wish I could stand on the steps of the library with you. I won't be there but I will be in spirit.
Happy Birthday !!

Angie said...

So so happy to see this letter from Grace. I have been checking her blog to see if she's back yet, but left a message on Jude's (spiritcloth) checking to see if anyone had heard from her. Jude directed me here. So excited for her/them---so relieved they made it safely and all is GOOD.
Happy Birthday!

Pat said...

Thank you for posting this, here in England we have spoken often hoping that the journey had gone well. Sucha huge change for her.

Velma Bolyard said...

good news.