Friday, March 2, 2018


Friday Night
The Rubin Museum
Visitors post Wishes and Hopes
"In Tibetan Buddhism, he is a character of a genre of literature called terma, an emanation of Amitābha that is said to appear to tertöns in visionary encounters and a focus of guru yoga practice, particularly in the Rimé schools. The Nyingma school considers Padmasambhava to be a founder of their tradition."
(this Buddha that caught my attention is made of Cloth)

I'm on Part three and loving it.
"The Gargoyle Hunters"
(from Washington Post review)
For Gill, the essential characteristic of Manhattan is its violent reinvention, a compulsive process of creative destruction that makes it such a “maddening, heartbreaking, self-cannibalizing” place. Native New Yorkers know their avenues wind into “a Mobius strip of self-annihilation.” At any moment, rapacious developers may reduce the most beloved old buildings to “a moonscape of devastation” before throwing up some “soulless, homogenized Modernist crap.”  “This is a city where you could inhabit multiple eras simultaneously.”

Entertaining presentation and reading by the Author
(thirty minutes)

The promise of sunlight and mild temperatures
 Evening at Home

A mural painted on the side wall of a building next to a parking lot
West 17th Street, Manhattan

Friend Fred visited to show me a new easier way to store and access my photographs, bless his helpfulness. Retrieved a shot of this large mixed media painting given to a friend many years ago.
Selfie in the lobby on my way to the Zendo
Walking home on this full moon night
Above Madison Square
Met a man trimming branches for a nearby store display
Asked for some
They will bloom awhile longer, drop flowers, leaf out and root
February Calendar about to be retired
(pine tree on sandstone-Zion National Park, Utah)
March 1st
A storm is threatening the East coast. I spent today sorting papers in preparation of the monthly bill pay and also for doing taxes, napping, and listening to a delightful book of short stories by Tom Hanks 
"Uncommon Type"
"Seventeen stories, each in some way involving a different typewriter (Hanks is an avid collector of vintage typewriters and owns over one hundred of them). The stories feature an immigrant arriving in New York City after his family and life have been torn apart by his country's civil war; a man who bowls a perfect game (and then another, and another), becoming ESPN's newest celebrity; an eccentric billionaire and his faithful executive assistant on the hunt for something larger in America; and the junket life of an actor."
(8 minutes)
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Friday Morning


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

the photograph of your branches is exquisite....holds
such nuance, there could be such a story here

Anonymous said...

wow! packed post. I love going through your days. Book about Manhattan looks great. Glad you got the tips about pix... but I have to say even the blurry ones delight -- like of the fabric Buddha. Have a great if rainy weekend. So far the storm is nothing much here.

Mo Crow said...

one of my favourite books is "Night of the Gargoyles" written by Eve Bunting & beautifully illustrated by David Weisner

Ms. said...

Thanks Mo for a new suggestion...hope you found time to consider the book in question here. The Author is a friend.

Packed indeed Dee, and I know few have time for such pursuit. The blurry photos have a lot to do with my haste, or with the people around me. I can usually manage crisp on a set up. Storm here is just rain rain rain so far bomb of a Noreaster yet but I haven't heard from friends in the West where I understand they are suffering a BIG event.

Hey Grace...I love that photo also...but the story is just what I wrote and no more sorry to say. Perhaps if they root and I find a place to dig earth for their continuance a story will emerge.

Nancy said...

Wow Michelle! So much to look, read and listen to here! Love seeing you, your old art...that cloth! The photos of Madison Square and Friday Morning are wonderful, as is the flowers peaceful. I got a kick out of the Tom Hanks piece as my sister and I have had a love affair with our mom's old Remington typewriter! We grew up using it, until she got an electric one...then we used that one! As daughters of an English teacher typing out our thoughts was magic! Even my daughter used the electric as a young child! What a great idea for a book :)
Coming here is always a treat! xo

Ms. said...

Really you would love the stories in the Tom Hanks book. The library has it on CD and since they are short stories you might enjoy listening on the drive to work...Google "Uncommon Type" by Tom Hanks

Nancy said...

Great idea Michelle, thanks :)

jude said...

you make nyc seem so warm...