Friday, March 9, 2018


Which wasn't much in Manhattan at least, though lots of damages elsewhere and there are still homes without electricity having been short-circuited by falling trees and branches with crews working sixteen hour shifts trying to clean up and reconnect. Saturday I paid bills at the post office, picked up some food items, filed paperwork, and watched a video I picked up for a dollar at the local goodwill.
 I saw the original way back when and sorry to say I have to agree with an essentially negative review for this particular production:

I destroyed nothing. Did nothing but sleep with no memorable dreaming. I think of days like this as medical retreats without bills. Now, the odor of chicken roasting in the oven and sounds of kids in the street are accompanying me through dusk.
I watched the Oscars though I’ve seen none of the films. I had thought I might indulge in a snifter of lemon vodka saved from last years Holiday gifts and still in the freezer (vodka doesn’t freeze), a reminder of a a friend who is too far away to be shared with, and of Holidays dating back decades, but I didn't have the stomach for it.
 His Holiness the Dalai Lama's meeting with visiting foreigners at the Main Tibetan Temple in Dharamsala, India.
After group photos he gives a brief talk,
then takes questions from the audience.

(2 hours)
You can watch it here:

Boarded the bus downtown at 5PM, but at 14th street I had a mental visitation of sorts, I realized I'd left a seldom used candle burning!  Got off, walked back to 21st street, up three flights and blew it out. Then turned around, boarded another bus traveling to my writing workshop arriving just a little late.
Short Second Prompt
(12 minutes)
by Ms.
The snow was endless. All transportation had ceased when old Joseph, found himself at the cross road bus stop a few miles outside his village at dusk. He realized he'd have to walk and was trying to decide which route to take home starting first one way, but half way up the hill into the forest, with wet snow hitting him in the face, he thought "No-too  steep", so descended back down to take the valley path which, though a longer distance, was less demanding. Before getting on with it, he ducked into the bus shed to sit a bit, pulled the flask out of his backpack and downed the last of his wine. Suddenly he was exhausted and lay his head on the pack, pulling his legs up to fit himself on the bench for a rest before setting out again...he still felt unsure of his choice...the forest road or the valley road? He thought of how many times in his life he'd been unsure of himself and how many opportunities had simply evaporated. Then he thought of the events of that day and the friends he'd visited, drifting off into a reverie as the snow piled up higher and higher around the shed. Sleep ensued. Owls and foxes kept watch during the long night and mice burrowed into the lining of his coat for warmth. He dreamed of a girl he once loved dearly and heard the strains of that song again...'Oh you tak; the high road and ah'll tak' the low...and ah'll be in Scotland 'afore ye.......

Meaning and Origin


Tuesday afternoon I made another trip to Trader Joe. cooked and ate, then fell asleep only to wake at midnight but still no storm. Wednesday it was more just waiting -waiting-waiting. There was some light wet snow then nothing until a huge clap of thunder (I jumped) around 1:30 and snow turned to uninspiring, heavy rain, but despite rain, I decided to go to the Wednesday Zendo Meditation. It was nastier once I got out there, salty slush and rivers in the streets.
(sky above the bus stop)
(into the warmth)
It was as always, beginning with chanting
the Heart Sutra
then silent meditation, walking meditation,
the comfort of good company,
some laughter and peace. 
(more rivers to cross at another bus stop )
Home to potato leek soup with carrots and peas, news, NPR, emails, face book and favorite blogs.


East Village Evening
Stopped by a favorite shop for Incense
Anthology Film Archives
Sold Out Premier
"Speak Your Truth"
Directed by Kris Erickson. Erickson herself came out as a lesbian later in her life, despite being married to a man she loved. She learned that other women had had similar experiences. They left their heterosexual life when they were in their thirties, forties, or even fifties.  It's a candid documentary featuring nine engaging women who share their stories about being in heterosexual marriages, discovering their feelings for women, coming out and changing their lives forever. An intimate look at the challenges and triumphs of their journey. Beautifully edited by Amina Megali.
Illuminating and generous.
I didn't attend the after party but headed home
Some old gals need their beauty sleep.

Morning snow Flurries, scudding clouds and sudden bursts of sun.
I've finished reading "The Gargoyle Hunters". Sad to let it go.
 Sundown over the Hudson River
The Geese are back! Here's 4 of a flock of 11.
I'm still waiting on the lambs.


Mo Crow said...

we saw The Shape of Water, I wanted to love it and almost did but Old Man Crow had to walk out five minutes before the end as it was damaging his brain!

Nancy said...

Love your night sky pics so much!

Anonymous said...

coming here is "comfort of good company". hope you manage as well in tomorrow's storm as you did with previous two!