Tuesday, March 13, 2018


This big package I sent out quite a while ago was returned to me. Funny that I'd just mailed another letter with seeds in the afternoon and only found the package in my mailbox when I returned home.
A series of emails back and forth and I understand now that she only goes to the post office when she needs something in town, not regularly. I didn't even remember what was inside so I opened it.
A leaf letter, and I can't even read my sloppy scrawl, but lovely Goat Milk soap, and a very useful guide to Homeopathic remedies.
Nice doodle on the back
I phoned her but only got a busy signal like the phone was off. So then, bless her heart, she phoned me and we had a few minutes of voice to voice. It's still rough and very demanding and she still has no doubts it's exactly where she belongs. Very reassuring.
So, since there's no way to predict when she will be in town, and we don't know how long they hold packages for before returning them, I won't be sending this package again 'till I hear from her.
All's Well


Tina Zaffiro said...

Thank you so much for this update ... Grace would have loved your package.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

bummer that this happened...for me because i didn't get it, for you
the disappointent of having sent and returned...
I called the P.O. today and he guy said 2 weeks. I think i MUST
have not been absent for so long??? but, maybe close? Anyway...
they put a key with a number in your post office box that fits in
said numbered big box along the wall...
and really, sometimes i don't need to go to the store or something...
I try to combine everything into one trip. So maybe it's just
safest not to send anything bigger than a Post Office Box is....
am sorry...Love,

Nancy said...

Thanks for the update Michelle